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Kennethfum 04.09.2020 12:59
Having mastered the vastness of the Taobao mega-resource,
I discovered the advantages of the Aliexpress online trading platform.
This site is a division of Taobao, but for small wholesalers and wholesalers.
Why Aliexpress is so good, and what are its shortcomings.

The first and greatest advantage of this Internet resource is the absence of intermediaries from both the Russian and Chinese sides.
That is, you can make purchases on Aliexpress yourself by paying with a card.
The second advantage is contacting the seller directly, you can ask questions about the product and the timing of the collection of the parcel.
And of course, you will be given a track - the number of the postal item, so that you can track the movement of the parcel.
The third significant advantage of Aliexpress is the language of the site - it is English, which makes it very easy to translate and search for goods.
Of course, those who are not sure of their English can use the on-line google translator or another, the names must be written in the search line in English, even if your page is translated into Russian.
The fourth advantage is the possibility of free delivery to Russia. This is a very nice little thing, the products can be sorted by selecting this "Free shipping" condition under the search bar.
The fifth advantage of this small-scale wholesale resource is that you can find a product that is sold for 1 piece, and there is no need to buy extra units of the product.
To do this, you need to pay attention to the indication of how many units of goods are available for one order, for example: the price costs 5.2 $ / piece and the minimum number of units of goods for one order is not indicated, in another case it is indicated as follows - 3 piece / lot 1.91 $ / piece , that is, the cost of one order is 5.72 dollars,
and the price of a unit is 1.91 dollars, you must purchase 3 units. Another convenience is the indication of the price of the item in US dollars.
It is very convenient and understandable, there is no need to rack your brains with transfers from yuan into dollars - rubles. Also, money is debited from the card at the rate set by your bank.

Kennethfum 28.08.2020 21:44


Светлана (отзыв мамы ученика)
Сын 6-ти классик уже 1,5 месяца занимается с Кристиной.
Во первых наблюдается явный прогресс в усвоении информации.
С троек и далее перешли на 4- и и 5-ки.
Во-вторых, в начале сын стонал от самой идеи заниматься 1,5 часа,
но спустя три занятия даже не вспоминает, что стонал.
И спокойно выдерживает это время! Большое спасибо, Кристине!

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ThomasSox 28.05.2020 06:23
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Isidro 27.04.2020 18:16
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Michaeldourb 12.07.2019 22:48
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ООО "РГМ-инжиниринг" заключило контракт  с ОАО "Русский уголь" на 2012 год на поставку запасных частей для шагающих экскаваторов на разрез ООО "Амуруголь"